The Kiplin Family Tree

Since 2006 there has been a long-term project at Kiplin to find out more about the ancestry of the owning families. With the Hall’s own documentary records as an invaluable starting point, volunteers over the years have made good use of the County Records Office, records at other country houses owned by the families’ relatives, birth/marriage/death certificates from Victorian times, and (crucially) the internet.  In recent years several living family descendants, especially Calverts, have submitted their own additions to our database as well – and we are most grateful to them.  For reasons of data privacy, however, our records exclude all living persons.

Kiplin Hall had 13 owners (spanning 10 generations) from the original builder George Calvert, 1st Baron Baltimore, to Bridget Talbot, who bequeathed it to the present Trust in 1971. Yet it was only sold once, in 1722, and even then the buyer was the seller’s step-father. All other owners inherited the property, as set out in this chart of the KIPLIN OWNERS

We now have over 1700 individuals listed in a specialist Family Tree database, all of whom were related by blood or marriage (however distantly) to the main families. This web-page enables you to

  • View our Complete Families Database in a fully interactive and searchable manner.   As well as over a thousand British, Irish and even Dutch names, this also includes many American Calverts, descended either from Leonard Calvert (1610-1647) who was the first Governor of Maryland and the second son of the 1st Lord Baltimore;  or from Benedict Swingate Calvert (1724-1788) who was an illegitimate son of the 5th Lord Baltimore.  More recently we have also added the English and colonial descendants of Augustus Brennan Calvert (1742-1812), another illegitimate son of the 5th Lord but by a different mother.

    There are some individual portraits, drawings and photos in this section, mostly from Kiplin's own collection and not published elsewhere. There are also some extensive text Notes for many of family members.  See the
    User Guide to help find your way round the database.

    If you think your own family tree has direct links into our database please contact the Hall.
  • View and print a number of PDF tree charts below, which between them cover most of the main branches of the families.  The number alongside each name in these charts counts the generations backwards or forwards from the starting individual, so that everyone with the same number is in the same generation. 

Calvert family

Crowe family

Carpenter and Delaval family

Talbot family

Henry Chetwynd-Talbot (1803-68) -  who was already 3rd Earl Talbot  -  won an 1858 case in the House of Lords to prove that he was the 8th cousin of Bertram Talbot, 17th Earl of Shrewsbury (1832-56), and that nobody had a better claim than he to become the 18th Earl of Shrewsbury.  The final chart above was the essence of his case.  His son Walter and granddaughters Sarah and Bridget all later became owners of Kiplin Hall.