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Note for:   Geoffrey Richard Henry Talbot,   29 Mar 1888 - 29 Jun 1916         Index

Death Note: Source:    Death: Sep 1916, Dover, 2a, 2030

Individual Note:
     Geoffrey Talbot, Bridget's younger brother, joined the Royal Naval Air Service in 1915 at the age of 27 but died in an air-crash only a year later. In 2008 Kiplin Hall was given his Pilot's Flying Log Book, along with many original letters to Bridget from both Humphrey and Geoffrey dating from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. These had all been rescued from a skip in the early 1980s during major alteration work to Little Gaddesden House near Berkhamstead (Herts), which had been the family home of this branch of the Talbot family.

There is one particularly poignant letter in the Kiplin collection from Mr George of Aylsham to a Major Talbot (who may perhaps be Humphrey, Geoffrey's brother, though we have no other evidence that he attained this rank since his Great War medals are inscribed Lieutenant). The letter is dated 4 Feb 1921, and describes the heroic circumstances of Geoffrey's death. The full text reads as follows:

'I consider it a privilege to be able to give you particulars of the aeroplane accident I witnessed at Dover in June 1916, which I afterwards learnt resulted in the death of Mr Geoffrey Talbot. Between five and six thousand of us (R.G.A recruits) were drilling on the parade ground at Fort Burgoyne, and you can imagine we were closely packed in, when an aeroplane rose from behind the Fort and suddenly swooped down directly over the heads of the men drilling, so closely in fact that many fell on their faces to avoid being hit by the propellers, but the pilot in order to avoid what would have been a terrible catastrophe swerved sharply to the left, and the machine fell into a sunken road near the Fort.
There is no doubt that the machine would have landed in the thick of the men with terrible results but with safety to the two men in it, and it was freely admitted by all who witnessed it that the pilot lost his life in a most gallant attempt to avoid crashing amongst the dense mass of men. I heard it said by the airmen there that air currents around Fort Burgoyne were very bad and this was probably the cause of the accident. From what I can remember, the two men were pinned under the machine and were picked up quite dead.

It may be some consolation to his relatives to know that Mr Geoffrey Talbot gave his life in this heroic manner, and I consider it an honour to be able to give this testimony as an eyewitness of the sad affair. I remain, sincerely yours, A.R.GEORGE.'

Commonwealth War Graves Commission reference for death:
TALBOT Geoffrey Richard Henry, Flight Lieutenant. Date of death 29/06/1916. Royal Naval Air Service. Cemetery/ Memorial Name: Little Gaddesden (SS. St Peter and Paul) Churchyard.

GRO Death Certificate: NB in name of Geoffrey Reginald (sic) Henry Talbot
No: 275
Died on 29 Jun 1916 on the Deal Road, Guston, Dover
Age: 28 years
Flight Lieutenant Royal Naval Air Service, of Little Gaddesden House, Berkhampstead
Cause of death: Died from multiple injuries received by the falling of an Aeroplane to the ground when acting as Pilot. Accidental.
Informant: Certificate received from Sydenham Payne, Coroner for Dover and Liberties. Inquest held 1 July 1916.

Confusion over second name clarified by note about a christening mug at Kiplin, from Dawn Webster (Oct 2007):
Silver beaker with inscription running horizontally, reading, 'Geoffrey Richard Henry Talbot,
May 10th 1888 / from his Uncle and Godfather / Reginald Talbot, Colonel 1st Life Guards'.

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Note for:   Kathleen Talbot,   22 Nov 1893 - 2 Jul 1958         Index

Birth Note: Source:    Birth: Mar 1894, Berkhamsted, 3a, 645

GRO Birth Certificate:
No: 350
Born on 22 Nov 1893 at Little Gaddesden House, Herts, Kathleen Talbot
Father: Alfred Talbot , occupation "The Honorable"
Mother: Emily Augusta Louisa Talbot formerly De Grey
Informant: Father, of Little Gaddesden House, on 1 Jan 1894

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Note for:   Almeria Carpenter,   20 Mar 1752 - 5 Oct 1809         Index

Birth Note: Source:    The date is printed as 20 Mar 1652, but should clearly be 1752

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Note for:   Elizabeth McKenzie,   1759 - 23 Feb 1842         Index

Individual Note:
     Date of death from memorial in Bowness-on-Windermere church (Dawn Webster).

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Note for:   George Carpenter - 3rd Earl of Tyrconnel,   10 Oct 1788 - 20 Dec 1812         Index

Birth Note: Source:,M1

Individual Note:
     "Impelled by the love of military enterprise, (he) entered into the Russian army as a volunteer, and died at Wilna (Vilnius, Lithuania) on 20 Dec 1812 in that service, from his zeal and excessive fatigue in pursuit of the French forces under Bonaparte."
Burke: Dormant and Extinct Peerages (1883)

He was buried in the Reformed Church in Wilna, where a monument was erected in his memory by the order of Prince Smolenskoi, the Russian Commander-in-Chief.
Debrett (1825) page 909.