Duty Calls: Kiplin Hall in Times of War

Duty Calls was part of the Yorkshire Country House Partnership's two-year project that examined the role the houses, owners and community played in times of war.

 The Yorkshire Country House Partnership (YCHP), a consortium of Yorkshire’s major historic houses, recently celebrated its success in winning one of the prestigious 2015 Hudson’s Heritage Awards.

  YCHP won the award for the ‘Best World War 1 Event’ for ‘Duty Calls:  The Country House in Time of War’, a series of exhibitions and events at nine historic houses across Yorkshire throughout 2013 and 2014, marking the centenary of the start of the First World War.

The war-time experiences of Bridget Talbot, who later became the last owner of Jacobean Kiplin Hall, and her 3 siblings were vividly recounted in Kiplin Hall’s Duty Calls exhibition, which included a trail and an interactive presentation by Richmond’s North Country Theatre called Italian Memories.

The research and information displayed in the exhibition may be found by double clicking on the links below. Letters and other information about Kiplin Hall and the families involvement in wars will be added soon.

Duty Calls 1 

Kiplin Hall Duty Calls from Civil War to WWII

 Duty Calls 2 

Kiplin Hall Duty Calls - Militia and Yeomanry Cavalry 1745 - 1848

 Duty Call 2a 

Kiplin Hall Duty Calls - Yeomanry Cavalry Volunteers Kiplin,24th August 1803

 Duty Calls 3

Kiplin Hall Duty Calls - The Victorian Navy and Admiral Carpenter

 Duty Calls 4

Kiplin Hall Duty Calls - The Zulu and Egyptian Wars and Reginald Talbot

Duty Calls 5

Kiplin Hall Duty Calls - The First World War and Bridget Talbot

 Duty Calls 6

Kiplin Hall Duty Calls - The First World War and Kathleen, Geoffrey and Humphrey Talbot

Duty Calls 7

Kiplin Hall Duty Calls - The Second World War, Bridget Talbot and Kiplin Hall

Duty Calls 8

Kiplin Hall Duty Calls - The Second World War, RAF Catterick and RAF Scorton

Duty Calls 9

Kiplin Hall Duty Calls - The Second World War,  RAF & RCAF Middleton-St-George and RAF & RCAF Croft

Kiplin Hall Duty Calls supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund