School Children Enjoying a Visit to Kiplin Hall

As they come into Kiplin Hall, children enter an environment that may be strange and new to them, leaving behind the familiarity of modern life to experience different periods of history. Taking pupils from the classroom to a historic site stimulates pupils’ minds and opens new perspectives on the subjects they are studying at school.

Kiplin Hall is mostly furnished as the comfortable home of a country gentleman and his family from the late Victorian period. The paintings, portraits, furniture and personal items belonged to the four families who owned the Hall from 1620 to 1968. There is also a kitchen and bathroom which remain in the condition they were left after the Second World War.

Each programme lasts 2 hours. Children are introduced to the Hall and its history in the Library, and are briefed on the timetable for their visit. Classes split into two or three groups, depending on the programme they are following. The groups circulate around the house and/or grounds, working with an Education Volunteer for two or three activity sessions.

The extensive gardens and grounds can be part of a school visit to the Hall, or may be used for stand-alone, out-of-school educational activities.

Our Education Volunteers are retired teachers or have worked in an educational role.

An Education Consultant worked with local teachers to devise programmes for Key Stages 1 and 2, which support National Curriculum Attainment Targets in:

  • Art
  • Art and Design
  • Patterns / Materials / Buildings
  • Geography
  • History
  • P.E.
  • Science

Our tailor-made programmes cover:

  • Victorian Childhood
  • Portraits
  • Patterns-Materials-Buildings
  • World War II – How Children Lived (KS2 only)
  • Nature Detectives

We offer the following resources:

  • Teachers’ Packs
  • Pre- and Post-Visit Activity Suggestions
  • Hands-on Activity Sessions led by Education Volunteers
  • Activity Sheets
  • Clore Education Room
  • Gardens for recreation
  • Woodland Trails
  • Victorian Loan Boxes, with Photograph Packs, Books on the Victorians, Archive Reproduction Packs
  • FREE Coach Parking
  • Toilet block in the grounds with limited facilities in the Hall
  • Picnic Area for Packed Lunches
  • Indoor Lunch area for wet days – pre-booking essential
  • Ice Creams and Drinks on Sale
  • Small Shop selling Pocket Money Gifts

Admission Charges for School Visits

Charge per Child (there is a minimum charge of £60 per half day programme)

  • Half Day Programme (2 hours) £4.50
  • Full Day Programme (c.4½ hours) £9 (includes lunch break in gardens/indoors if wet)
  • Hire of loan box for half a term - £30 + £30 refundable deposit

Accompanying teachers and helpers FREE